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A Pikachu Cafe will be opened in Tokyo this coming weekend. This is a sample of the kind of stuff they’ll be serving. From top to bottom: Pikachu burger, Pikachu curry rice, Pikachu parfait with mango pudding, and Pikachu curry bun.

Me: I'm so tired i need someone to talk, i'm tired of being beaten...
Person: Stop acting like a victim!
Me: But i haven't said anything at all in a whille...
Person: Also because we didn't do this i'll get in trouble!
Me: But you're not...
Person: Oh you think you're the one taking all the pressure!?
Me: ...
Person: Everyone is always pissed at me!
Me: I think i'll go back to sleep...
Person: Oh sure, run away from your problems sleeping, what a perfect human being! Talk to some people about it would you?
Eurythmics VS The White Stripes - Sweet Dreams are Made of Seven Nation Army
2,110,251 plays

Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (1983) Vs. Seven Nation Army (2003)

Axel: 4, 6, and 10. Dong: 2, 7, and 8... Enzio: 1 and 5

4. Archetype/Character Type: That one who’s so modest he likes to stay at the back??*shrug*
6. Emotion: Insecurity(?)
10. Animal: Octopus derp

2. Flower: Protea
7. Super Power: Heightned jumping and mobility abilities
8. Element: Earth

1.Theme song: Can’t remember and think of any at the moment
5. Season: Winter durrr

Inferno: 2, 8, 9, and 10

2. Flower: No clue, he’s a hard one to relate to nature, i guess a weed then/hit

8. Element: Fire or metal

9. Mythical Figure/Creature: I haaave no clue too if this is out of the “gaming mythical races”(ex:dwarf, elf, etc…)

10. Animal: Tends to switch bettewn bunny and hamster =w=

OC Association Meme


Send me a number/OC and I’ll tell you which of these things I most associate my OC with (and why):

  1. Theme song
  2. Flower
  3. Fictional character
  4. Archetype/character trope
  5. Season
  6. Emotion
  7. Super power
  8. Element
  9. Mythical figure/creature
  10. Animal